About Hub

Thank you for visiting our website. Hub is intended to provide tailored services to users of the entire family of CEPR websites.

Phase 1

Hub has begun operations by accepting and managing applications for the Structural Transformation and Economic Growth (STEG), a new research initiative that aims to provide a better understanding of structural change, productivity and growth in low- and middle-income countries.  STEG is implemented by a consortium led by the Centre for Economic Policy Research, and including Oxford University, the University of Notre Damethe African Center for Economic Transformation, the Yale Research Initiative on Innovation and Scale, and Groningen Growth and Development Centre of the University of Groningen

Phase 2

During Phase 2, CEPR will transfer further services (currently available via portal.cepr.org) into HUB.

Phase 3

By the end of Phase 3, HUB will provide centralised management for all registered users of the various CEPR websites.


If you would like more information about HUB.cepr.org, have a suggestion or have an inquiry for the team, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.